Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Garden Fun With Bigjigs

"The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! The sun has got his hat on and we're coming out to play!"
Last week a lovely parcel arrived courtesy of Bigjigs toys and it was just in time as the weather has been spot on. So much so, that it was immediately out of the box, filled with water and in the garden. Intrigued? So was our toddler who took no time in putting the aqua quack lawnmower through its paces.

I don't know a toddler or small child who doesn't love toys with wheels and that they can push around to their heart's content. As you push this lawnmower the wheels make fun noises and you can use the lever to squirt water on the grass which has certainly entertained our little ones in the hot weather we've been having. It's not a strong jet, which is a bit of a relief as I had visions of our crawling 1 year old getting a little too close(!), rather a gentle spray that's just enough to entertain without any real soaking.

Toys for the garden in the summer (or any dry and reasonably warm day, if I'm honest) are high up on our list and this one's going to be popular!

Our gardener might stop for a few snack and football breaks, but I'm sure he'll have that grass cut in no time.


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