Sunday, 16 July 2017


PYO has become a family tradition for us, especially seeing as we have a gorgeous farm down the road that has such a great variety. But finding the time to go when the weather is good is always a bit of a guessing game as the hubs works on Saturdays and it's just not the same without him.

We've had a few failed attempts this year due to weather (surprisingly, given how gorgeous it's been) and new crop not being ripe for picking, but have still managed two successful trips. Well, if you count Holly sleeping through the first one!

This morning we went again and managed to catch the last of the strawberry crop at Sharnfold Farm; it wasn't the sunniest of mornings, but that was fine with us as the temperature was just right. Our lucky kiddies were suitably kitted out thanks to Boden: Holly was right on theme with her strawberry leggings and co-ordinating dress (I love the little appliqué field mouse nibbling on a strawberry), while Charlie was very happy in his light-weight blue striped shorts (now on sale) and airplane t-shirt. The pull-on shorts are perfect for our current potty training stage and we'll definitely be packing them for holiday next week.

Charlie is a complete fruit bat and strawberries are right up there among his favourites (the boy has good taste!), so he charged on to grab his punnet and was strides ahead of us as we headed for the strawbs. 

They were in raised beds off the ground again this year and, as much as that isn't quite the nostalgic approach I remember of sitting among the dried hay and loading your punnet up to bursting point, it was just as well otherwise I think Charlie may have had to have been weighed on the way out! As it was, we managed to stop him before he popped a couple in his mouth rather than the punnet!


Last year was Holly's first time but she was only a few months old so we took her in our carrier. This year, she picked a few herself but was more excited about getting on with the eating so we paid for our bounty, heading for the picnic area and set about demolishing the lot before some time on the swings and home to let the pup out. Oh, and the small matter of watching the Wimbledon finals!

I have favourite things to do each season and PYO is firmly at the top of my Summer list, so I feel content with our efforts, especially seeing as we went a couple of weeks ago with Granny. Granted, we got our timings completely wrong: the next crop of strawberries weren't ready and Holly snoozed her way through much of it while the rest of us hit the raspberry crop (my personal favourites). It seems fitting that we got our strawberry pick in on Wimbledon finals weekend! So, until next year...


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