Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cath Kidston Workshop

This week I popped to Cath Kidston in Selfridges who were hosting a free china personalisation workshop with IndytuteI love Cath Kidston and my tea cupboard is full of their pretty cups and mugs so I didn't need much persuasion to join the throngs of shoppers on Oxford Street to see if I could be tempted by some more!
It was also the perfect opportunity to take a look at Selfridges Christmas windows, which are always a treat, and start my Christmas present shopping.

You simply picked out the piece you wanted and Indytute were on hand to decorate it for you, or if you fancied, would help you through the process. Most of those who turned up were somewhat uncertain about their skills, but were soon coaxed into the decorating themselves and, with Indytute's lovely expert on hand, it was definitely more fun that way!

It was as simple as picking the font you wanted, cutting out the letters and
leaving them to soak before adding them to your chosen item!
Child's play! 
As one of my choices was a delicate china mug, I went for smaller letters
in navy, but there were several sizes and colours to choose from.

You wriggle the letters into place while they are still wet, so my fear of a wonky finish that I would have to hide away was completely unnecessary! Be sure to start from the middle though as, if you have a lot to add, it helps you centre the writing.

My finished pieces. As I don't know who the second is for yet, I added red
lips. Maybe it's another one for my tea cupboard!

It was great fun and I would definitely recommend it as an activity to do with your children if you are heading to Oxford Street or Bond Street. Their next workshop on 27th November, so be sure you don't miss out!

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