Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday Spa Day with Dove DermaSpa

A few weeks ago, Dove launched their latest rage, DermaSpa. The goal of the range is to allow women to enjoy the benefits associated with more premium brands, without the hefty price tag (the DermaSpa products range from £4.99 to £9.99 and are available at Boots and Superdrug, among others). The feel of the whole range reflects this more luxurious focus from the packaging to the actual products themselves.
Sunday is always a day when I try to find some time to unwind, enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath lights dimmed, candles flickering and slather my skin in moisturisers before popping on my pjs and curling up on the sofa in front of something like Downton. So, following last night's pampering, I thought I'd share my thoughts on DermaSpa.

For those of you wishing to bare your limbs while the sun's still out, but your tan has long since faded, there is DermaSpa summer revived which is a body lotion with gentle self-tanners to help you gradually build up your summer glow again, meaning that you won't find yourself looking at odds with the season like some of the heavier self-tans on the market. And, to accommodate different skin tones, summer revived comes in two shades (medium to dark and fair to medium), so you can pick which suits you, all the while knowing you skin is getting a good treat too.

If the thought of a self-tanner scares you, perhaps the Goodness3 silky body oil is more up your street. A luminous body oil, it is infused with omega oil and smells heavenly thanks to the creamy vanilla, coconut and musk. It glides on to your limbs like a dream and is one of my favourite items of the launch.

I have long been a fan of Dove moisturisers, so very was excited to try another of the Goodness3 range, the body cream. A thick indulgent cream which sinks slowly into your skin, it's perfect for after a bath and before popping on your pjs. With the arrival of autumn last week, this dry skin treat is going to a permanent fixture in my bathroom cabinet.

If a body cream is just too thick for you, then the DermaSpa range also has a lighter body lotion in the Goodness3 which is fast-absorbing but with many of the same benefits.

If you're like me, it's your hands that take the real brunt of winter, so I would definitely recommend  keeping a tube of the intensive hand treatment in your handbag. It's already firmly ensconced in mine and I'll definitely be topping it up when it eventually runs out.

The last of the products I've tried is the uplifted+ massaging body roll-on. The uplifted+ range focuses on skin firming and the coolness of the roll-on certainly feels like it is doing that and, although I haven't been using it long enough to know for sure, I really like the texture of the gel and feel of a light massage when you apply it.


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