Friday, 27 November 2015

Weaning Instalment No.2: Ready-mades

Among the more competitive parenting chats I've had, whether you make your own food for your baby or not has to be up there! It's not necessarily that parents come right out and accuse you of not caring, but the tone is often one of incredulity and you can be left feeling as though you're thought of as lazy and uncaring. Pah!
As I said in my first instalment of this week's feature, I began weaning Charlie on ready-mades and they're a God-send!
Don't get me wrong, I'm a keen cook, but that doesn't mean I was chomping at the bit to do it. So, whether you're a culinary genius, don't know you're spatula from your ladle, are struggling for time, or simply don't have the inclination this post's for you and there are some great products out there that will ensure your precious one is starting their weaning journey right.

Ella's Kitchen is where we began. Their food pouches allowed Charlie to try a wider variety of foods than if I'd been cooking for him and their honesty policy on ingredients means you don't have to worry about what you're putting on your bubba's spoon; there are no additives in their organic recipes. Taste-wise, I tried every pouch Charlie had and thought they were really tasty.
We took him to France for 10 days when he was 6 months old so we filled some lock and seal containers with enough Ella's pouches for the duration and put them safely in our suitcases. The range is so varied, we had every meal sorted and we only took pouches that he'd tried before so as not to be caught out! They made feeding time simple, convenient for outings and, most importantly, a relaxing holiday. Their new Christmas dinner means that your little one can join in the fun, even if they're not ready to eat the same food as you. 

There are so many other excellent ranges of baby foods, but I love that you can heat these up in a cup of hot water and squeeze the food straight on to a spoon. So simple! In fact, if you follow my Instagram, you'll have seen us doing just that while on the train home.
We always have some Ella's pouches and snacks in the cupboard; whether you're relying on them daily or not, you can't go wrong keeping some handy for days out or the times when you've run out of home-cooked food.

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