Monday, 13 June 2016

Newborn Favourites: It's Bathtime!

When it comes to bathing your precious dot, you're likely to be nervous about how they're react and keen to ensure that they enjoy it as much as possible. From experience, it takes a while before your newborn enjoys bathtime so it's even more important that you organise yourself so that a) you don't get too flustered and b) they have everything they need to make it as enjoyable as possible.

We used Angelcare's soft baby bath support with our firstborn (hence the shade) and it made everything much easier so we've been using it again with our newest addition. It's easy to pop into the bath and the rubber base and soft seat are non-slip while the holes in the seat allow your baby to enjoy being in the water and the indicator helps avoid filling the tub too high. The seating position is great from newborn as, unlike lots of seats, they don't have to sit upright and their heads are cradled.

I get nervous about using baby bath products on such delicate skin, but two companies I have come to depend on are -TEN- and Little Butterfly London. We've used a number of their products and find they're kind to our bubbas' skin. -TEN- promises to be 'free from all the nasties' while Little Butterfly London's range is organic, so you can rely on both brands to take good care of your bubba's precious skin and they have lots of products to choose from, like floating on clouds bath milk (yes please!) or natural shampoo.

Washing your little one's skin and hair is one thing, but rinsing it off gets me really flustered (so much so that bath time is often a job for MrTMBB as he's made of stronger stuff!). Especially as it's this that can often upset them before they're used to bathtime. So we depend on Munchkin's shampoo rinser as it's so soft and pliable, yet really sturdy too (all essential when your bubba may be flailing their arms around in protest).

Finally, something soft to wrap them in so they stay cosy and dry quickly. There are so many baby bath towels on the market but most are too small, in my opinion, so we gave up on finding one. Luckily for us, my mother-in-law didn't and found this gem from The Little White Company. It comes in two sizes and I'd definitely recommend the larger as it will last longer (it's 100cm x 100cm).

It's amazing how calming the effects of bath time are, even if you would't think it while your little one is panicking in the tub, so it's really lovely to finish the routine with some more care. We've been using -TEN's- diaper cream as it provides a protective barrier during the night when you may change your bubba's nappy less frequently as you try to get them to sleep for longer periods, before popping on Pampers wetness indicator nappies (ideal for a no-fuss quick check) and a dreamy sleepsuit like this starry one from John Lewis (part of a set of 3).


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