Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Days Out: Mayfield Lavender

Last Autumn, I compiled a list of places for our little family to visit throughout the year, along with the months they suited best. It might seem OTT, but I often find that the days slip past otherwise and you miss the window to visit certain places when they're at their best.

Mayfield Lavender is one of those places and you'd kick yourself if you missed it in full bloom. So, last week we headed there for a family day out with my sister-in-law and the cousins. You pay £1 per adult and get to wander among the lavender until your heart's content. Dreamy.
Although the morning had been glorious, we didn't make it there until after lunch (getting out of the house with two under two and a dog when you're packing for a night away might not have been my finest idea!) and it wasn't the sunniest of afternoons. It turns out that was a good thing and we were thankful of the fluffy white clouds as there's little shelter while you're out exploring the lavender and, when the sun did pop out, it was pretty scorching. School holidays were in full swing too, so it was pretty busy, but neither took away from how stunning it was.
We could have been in Provence and, although there are several lavender farms in Kent and Sussex, the expanse of Mayfield meant we really did feel transported to France. The added bonus, for us, is that we could take Buddy (so long as he was on a lead and we cleared up after him) and he had a great time!

I always thought that lavender originated in France and that the fields dotted around the UK are recent, but many of them date back past the Elizabethan times and Surrey had miles of them. Who knew?!

When you're out and about with two children and a dog, you really do have your hands full so I decided to take a rucksack changing bag with all the essentials and the baby carrier for Holly. I'm so glad I did as the bag, which is part of KeriKit's new range had plenty of space to store everything we needed, from beakers and bottles, to wipes and nappies, plus a few of my own bits. While the carrier kept our bubs snug against the hub's chest and away from any of the bees that were buzzing happily around (we kept her in a sleep suit just to be extra careful). As if I couldn't have planned it any better, the colours of the bag and carrier matched beautifully and looked really lovely against the lavender too!

Our toddler was keen to follow after his cousins, the youngest of who whiled away the afternoon skipping up and down row after row of lavender. Not quite so steady on his feet and easily distracted by everything around him, we kept his Buzz Lightyear rucksack and reigns on throughout.
Let's be honest, when you go to lavender fields it's all about the photos, so I won't take away from that any longer with too much waffle! I had to clear space on my camera before we left home (it's always full!) and I'm so glad I did. We spent ages taking pictures, with my oldest niece showing me up with her photography skills.

The weather started to turn (cue some atmospheric shots!) before we had time to visit the on site cafe, but it looked worth a pit stop as the picnic benches sit alongside the field and must give another excuse for some more photos! There's also a really striking airstream caravan among the lavender where you can get refreshments and sit under a gorgeous oak tree for some respite.

I know it goes without saying but, if you're not a fan of bees or wasps (or, heaven forbid, are allergic to their stings), this definitely isn't the day out for you as there were lots of them about. I got stung on the sole of my foot; flip flops weren't the best choice of footwear and I think I'll wear trainers next time.
See you again next year Mayfield!

Shop the post: changing bag; carrier; formula and snack container (not pictured); beaker (not pictured); cap; rucksack and reigns; shorts; shoes.

Some of these items were sent to be to review but, as ever, I'll only include those that I love so, rest assured.

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