Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Days Out Round-Up

So, frustratingly, this post was ready to go for the start of the month but, seeing as our internet has been down for the last fortnight, it's coming out almost a week late. Grrr. Oh, and we now have a different telephone number for no apparent reason! Go figure! Anyway, this post is about nice things...

If you've been keeping up with the blog this summer, you'll know that we had a staycation and it's been pretty dreamy. My tan might be less developed and my purse might not be jingling with left over coinage from a trip abroad, but I think there's something to be said for staying grounded.
So, with September a week old and already looking to be a goodie, I thought I'd do that blogger thing of rounding up some of our favourites to inspire those of you looking for something to do in good ol' Blighty while the sun shines. There's not a soft play in sight and, even though you may not have time for all of them, I guarantee you'll be adding them to your list for next summer.

1. Penshurst Place: I'd read about Penshurst and had been dying to visit for ages. If you manage to get there by this weekend, don't miss the maize maze (which we loved!). If you don't manage to squeeze a visit in, there's still lots to explore and hopefully the maze will be grown again next summer. We'll certainly be racing around it again if it is!

2. Sea Life London Aquarium: I posted about SLLA a few weeks ago, but I can't help include it again. It's the perfect way of escaping the heat of the city and will amaze you and your children (even our 4 month old was wide-eyed).

3. RHS Wisley: if you're a Surrey-ite you've probably already been countless times. If you're not but it's not too much of a journey then you'll wish you were!

4. Nymans Gardens: if you're not a memo of the National Trust you really should be. It's perfect for days out with children as they get to run around in the fresh air while you get to enjoy being in beautiful surroundings. Nymans is stunning, from the formal gardens, rolling hills and the piès de résitance, the ruins. We enjoyed a gorgeous birthday picnic for one of my pals a few weeks ago.

5. Mayfield Lavender: one to save for next summer, admittedly, given that the lavender was harvested yesterday. Unless you are afraid of/allergic to bees, you'll love wandering up and down the rows of lavender. The colours are stunning, whatever the weather and you'll find yourself snapping away just like we did. They even have a little cafe where you can sit right next to the lavender (perfect if bees aren't your thing) and get your hands on some of their organic produce.


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