Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas Gifts: Stocking Fillers for Babies and Toddlers

So many of you have told me that, when it comes to stocking fillers and smaller gifts that won't break the bank, you just don't know where to start. For those of you who aren't parents, the struggle is even harder as you try to not to duplicate toys children in your family or friendship group already have. Here's a round-up of purse-friendly presents (the most expensive is £15) that won't sit around gathering dust.

Babies and toddlers can be difficult to buy for; the key is to focus on things that they can grab but have no small parts as everything ends up in their mouths. It's also handy to have toys that you can tuck in your nappy bag or pop under the pram to entertain them while you're out and about. These little treats tick all those boxes.
Stacking toys are endlessly entertaining; both our 7 month old and our 23 month old both play with these cups and rings, while our toddler has hours of fun with this stack and drop froggie.

I don't know a child who doesn't enjoy playing with balls and, even though we already have some, I'll be popping one of these glittery bouncy balls in each of our tinies' stockings. If you want to create a ball pit at home, you can't go far wrong with these (they go in the bath, or the paddling pool in the summer too).
Chubby crayons and pots of play-doh make great stocking fillers for toddlers and, because they are so inexpensive, you can pop a few different colours in.
Toddlers love cars (and most things they can push), but many have small parts that are dangerous for them to play with until they're a bit older (and no longer put things in their mouths). These magnetic cars are the perfect size and link up as a convoy. Another favourite is, anything, Duplo (a larger version of Lego by the same company) and they have such a wide range of sets that you're sure to find something to suit any budget; their number train is a favourite in our house.

Board books are a firm favourite in our house because they're durable enough to withstand being pulled around. If you want to go with the festive theme why not try Dear Santa, Santa's Noisy House, That's not my reindeer or That's not my elf and, for slightly older toddlers, That's not my...sticker book Christmas.


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