Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Beakers, Beakers Everywhere And Not A Single Leaks!

I don't have many good habits (as biscuit crumbs fall on to the keyboard), but I am a guzzler...of water! It's not stoicism, I simply prefer to quench my thirst with a glass of water than sugary drinks (they make my teeth feel funny). So, it's no surprise that I'm the water police when it comes to my kids.

With a 2 year old and a 1 year old, we're still firmly in beaker country and what one has the other is sure to want too so our cupboard is bursting at the hinges with beakers of all shapes, colours and sizes. I was determined to only have a few, but keeping spares and pre-empting the change in favourites, I succumbed and we're into double figures.
That being said, it has made me something of an expert (*in the loosest sense) on the best non-leaking beakers. I've had too many days out with a soggy bag or preventable changes of clothes thanks to, supposedly, leakproof beakers to put up with anything less. So, here are our favourites; the ones that have been put through their paces by our two...

Shop the beakers (above from left to right): munchkin 360 trainer cup; munchkin 360 sippy cup; nuby flip-it beaker (pink and blue); camelbak eddy (colours have changed); tommee tippee sports bottle; tommee tippee free-flow cup.


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