Thursday, 10 August 2017

Diono Quantum Review

Let me start by saying that I'm not a hoarder of prams and I'm not easily impressed. That's probably quite an odd way to start a post but I want you to understand that, as a mum of a 2 year old, a 1 year old and with our third due in November, I don't really have the patience for a pram that doesn't tick the boxes but, having attended the launch, I knew this one was worth a try. My husband is an even harsher critic! Let me also say, as I know you'll be pushed for time and keen to know whether the Diono Quantum is any good: it absolutely is. We took it on holiday with us to put it through it's paces and here's why we both rave about it...

Our top 7 reasons why the Diono Quantum is one of the best on the market:

1. You can put it together super fast - I'm not normally trusted to assemble anything that comes with a manual in our house because, well, I don't read them. I put this travel system together without any help from the hubs (I was keen to show off) and only checked the instructions when it came to placing the clips for the toddler seat.
2. It makes sense - any white buttons and levers will do something useful. The lever at the top of the frame allows you to recline or sit up the toddler seat in seconds; the one-step foot brake is in the perfect place for quick application and I have yet to stub my toes; the pair of levers on either side of the seat make removing it very easy; and the collapse and fold mechanism (along accompanying latch) mean you can do it swiftly and safe in the knowledge that it's not going to unfold on you as soon as you lift it up.
3. There are no add-ons - the travel system comes with everything you need to take you from newborn to toddler, to car seat.

4. The hood is amazing - and that's no exaggeration. It extends far enough to give brilliant coverage, has a UV extender (attached) plus it has a magnetised viewing flap and mesh section of the canopy which allows for airflow when fully extended. Our 1 year old napped in it twice a day on holiday and, even in the scorching heat, she was really happy thanks to the airflow. She's quite inquisitive so the full extension of the canopy helped avoid any distractions.

5. The storage is vast and easily accessible - we stored everything for a full day's travel/at the beach/pool (including towels and beach toys)!

6. The toddler seat can parent or outward face - ours like to face us but I like the option of outward facing for day trips with exciting things to look at.

7. It's a smooth ride - thanks to the large solid wheels (meaning no punctures).

The slogan for Diono's first travel system is #adventureready and I really think it is: although not quite the adventure we had in mind, the hubs was rushed to hospital straight from the plane on arrival and spent three days there; the Quantum was one of the things that saved my sanity and the only thing I grabbed from baggage reclaim (choosing to leave the left in lost luggage) before rushing off with our two children to visit him in hospital.

If you have any questions about the Quantum, please do message me as I know how daunting buying a pram is and, if you're like me, you'll want one that you can stick with.

I must add that we were lucky enough to be sent our Diono Quantum to review while we were on holiday but, as is always the case on my blog, I only write about products that I genuinely like so you can rest assured that you can have faith in what I've written.

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