Sunday 27 August 2017

SPF: Summer Pregnancy Favourites

Although this is my third pregnancy, it's my first heavily pregnant through summer so I've been taking care to ensure I look after my skin in the sun. Each of our bubbas have had their passports stamped twice before they were born; no.3 has been to Majorca and Venice. Although I'm loving all the sunshine and heat while pregnant I also know the sun can play havoc with your skin: chloasma gravidarum, itchy skin, breakouts, swollen tired legs and stretch marks. It can be quite cruel really! With our current heatwave (UK-style), I thought it was about time I did a round-up of some of the products that are permanently on my dressing table and tips that have been getting me through...

Sunscreen - my days of a low SPF are long gone but I've upped it to 50 wherever I am as I've been concerned about the dark patches (or chloasma gravidarum) that plague pregnant women in the sun. I've been applying Clarins SPF 50 sunscreen spray to any areas that are exposed to the sun and donning a sunhat. I've still tanned, not burnt once and haven't noticed any patches.

Keeping hydrated and cool - I guzzle water in a rather indelicate fashion and stick to the rule that you've only drunk enough when it runs clear! It's not always that exciting when you're out and about so I've been perusing the mocktail menus whenever we've been out and, particularly, on holiday. There's something about drinking from a fancy glass or something with a bit of fruit stuck to the rim that tricks my mind! I've also been spritzing my Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic spritzer on my face, décolletage, and anywhere that's overheating or feeling dehydrated. For added relief I keep it in the fridge! Like Clarins, I know that I can rely on their natural ingredients to be safe for pregnant skin.

Achy limbs - I did a lot of walking in Venice and I walk wherever I can at home too. The downside is achy legs (especially in summer sandals) so I've been rubbing Clarins energising emulsion into my muscles. It's also been great for my sore shoulders and back from carrying my 2 and 1 year olds around. I've had mine for ages, it really lasts, and sometimes pop some in the bath. The scent is revitalising too.

Stretch marks and itchy skin - I've pretty much been pregnant for the last four years and I know I'm putting my body through it so I'm taking care to look after my skin to try and avoid (or, at least, minimise) stretch marks. I've sworn by Clarins stretch mark minimiser and tonic body treatment oil for each of my pregnancies and they've not let me down. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a devotee of the brand and I wasn't prepared to change the formula this time around either!


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