Monday, 5 February 2018

Kicking Colic's Bottom

There's no two ways about it, colic is mean. Two of our three have suffered with it, but our third has really struggled so I took to the 'gram for advice and everyone was so kind in what they shared that I had to pay it forward and let you know what they recommended/has worked for us. I'll keep it short and sweet because, I know, you'll be desperate for a fix to soothe your crying newborn.

Top Tips for Kicking Colic's Bottom

1. Pay careful attention to winding - not just the conventional back rubs but baby massage. Think clockwise tummy rubs, leg movements, massaging the feet (a tip from our healthy visitor) etc. There are lots of videos online demonstrating the best techniques and we relied on massage a lot. Doing it at nappy changes or after bathtime is a really lovely way to spend time together and bond - our 2 month old loves it and sees it as his time to chat to us.
2. A warm bath - we tried to time baths with those times (mid-afternoon onwards) when we knew colic really kicked.
3. Keep your bubba upright - during the day and for a while after feeds as the bubbles are thought to form more when babies are flat on their backs (which they are most of the time, helpfully). We used our carrier and bouncer, tilted our crib and just simply cradled ours (often in the colic hold).
4. Cut dairy from your diet - there's a theory that colicky symptoms can be a sign of dairy intolerance.
5. Anti colic drops - the ones we've tried or have been recommended are ColiefInfacolGripe Water and Dentinox. We tried the last three and found that Dentinox suited us best.
6. Anti-colic bottles - these were the last thing we tried as we umm'd and ahh'd about whether they would do enough. I know of two types: Dr Brown's (recommended by many friends but an online purchase) and Tommee Tippee's advanced comfort which are the ones we went for as they sell them in the supermarket so I grabbed them when we were at our wits end. I really wish we hadn't hesitated as they were a game changer for us.

I've got to stress that I have no expertise but am writing this based on my own experience so, if you want a medical view, I'm not your gal.  I really hope some of them work for you though as it's so tough when you can't soothe your little one. Do let me know how you get on! xx

P.s. Thank you to everyone who offered us tips!


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