Monday, 9 February 2015

Project Nursery

I have been quite patient, but I am finding it difficult to resist the lure of nesting and the first thing that springs to mind is painting the nursery. We know we are having a boy but are waiting to move homes, so the possibility of getting started on our little one's bedroom is on hold.

That hasn't stopped me scouring Pinterest for styling tips and great ideas. I've been a fan of Pinterest for years, using it for wedding planning and inspiration when we were extending and remodelling our house, among other things. So I have been pinning like crazy whenever I have found ideas that have I think would work in our nursery.

I decided the best place to start would be looking at the colour palettes that we currently favour. Our home is full of soft grey, duck egg blues and cream and, as we already have lots of soft furnishings to go with these colours (I'm a bit cushion obsessed!), we are sticking with those tones. After all, budget is bound to be important given everything else we'll need to buy!

I have been following Design-Seeds and Project Nursery for quite some time now. Their ideas are fantastic. Design-Seeds draws upon objects from around the house and nature to put together colour palettes that are unbelievably tempting and will have you redecorating before you know it!

We are going to try to work a soft yellow into our scheme too and, although
the paint here isn't what we are looking for, it certainly gives us ideas.

Project Nursery has so many different ideas that you're bound to find something that will suit what you want and, as it's such a visual site, you can see what may work for you.

This, almost, makes me wish we were having a girl!

Obviously, Dulux also has some great advice if you're nervous of taking the leap. They have interactive room inspiration charts that allow you to see which colours go together and how they can look. Their colours are reasonably-priced and, having used them to decorate when our entire house was re-plastered, I feel confident in the fact that their colours are accurate and take to the walls nicely. My favourite yellow is Lunar Falls, so I'll be heading there for a colour pot as soon as we move!

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