Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Have Wheels, Will Travel

When it comes to choosing a travel system, there are so many out there that it's really difficult to know whether you are making the right choice. My husband loves gadgets and so, thankfully, took on the job of researching the different options and narrowing them down (with the help of Mel, of course, the manager from Mothercare Eastbourne I mentioned in a previous post).
We have gone with Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and couldn't be happier. It is super easy to use, very light and, unlike lots of others we tried, everything about it makes sense.

The lovely people at Bugaboo have kept things simple: every white button does something, giving the Cameleon 3 the transformer-like quality that, no doubt, drew my husband to it in the first place!
The cot is one of only a few on the market that is legally approved to act as Moses basket so you don't need to take anything else with you when you are spending the night elsewhere. We also pop our little one in it at home when we're finding him difficult to settle as it means we can wheel him around without disturbing him.

The canopy is also extendable at the pull of a zip protecting your little one from wind, rain and sun without the need for an umbrella. Ours has already come in very handy with the stormy weather we had last week!

We bought ours as part of a package that included all of the items above and made it so much easier as it gives us the peace of mind that all of the items are compatible.

Another bonus of buying the Bugaboo is that, if you decide to have another baby, or you get bored of the colours you have chosen, the hood, cot cover and foot muff are all easily changeable and there are many colours to choose from. Bugaboo also do a range of accessories such as nappy changing bag, cup holder and organiser. You can see the organiser on the handle of mine in the picture below. I really like it as it means keys, phone and purse are within easy reach (as well as Buddy's essential dog treats!), but I can't seem to get it to sit properly so I am a bit nervous that something might fall out without me noticing.

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is one of the most expensive travel systems on the market and we weren't sure whether we should be spending so much, but I'm so glad we decided it was worth it. I have heard from many friends that the stress of leaving the house with a newborn has kept them indoors or waiting until the cavalry to arrive to help, but the Cameleon 3 is so easy to put up/pack away and it is so light (it turns on a six pence), yet sturdy and durable that I didn't have any of these panics.

My only two criticisms are that, like many travel systems, the storage is a little awkward to use and, although Bugaboo have a wide range of colours, not all of them are compatible to the different system so we couldn't get our first choice of colours.

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