Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Baby Björn Bouncer and Wooden Toy Bar

Baby bouncers. Where do you begin? When do you begin? What should you look for?
We were so flummoxed that we put it off longer than we really should have, asking friends and family for advice and recommendations, testing the bouncability of different bouncers in store at every availability, weighing the pros and cons and desperately trying to avoid a bad purchase.
I'm all for buying wisely (after all, the most expensive purchase is a bad one), so with all of our baby product purchases we've spent time weighing up the options before buying. Which means that when a product makes it on to the blog, you know it's a goodie.

The Baby Björn Bouncer is, in my opinion, worth every penny. It's not the cheapest bouncer on the market, but it has everything we wanted and we couldn't find another that was as good for less. In my mind, that makes me feel like we spent better than if we'd compromised.

So, in a nutshell, what does it do/have that others don't?
  1. It folds completely flat in seconds - essential given the number of times we put it up and away each day.
  2. It has three different heights, which means our little one is happy in it whatever his mood, and can be adjusted easily and with the reassurance of a safety catch.
  3. Our boy hates his legs begin restricted and, unlike many, the design allows him that.
  4. It's easy enough for him to bounce without being too easy.
  5. It's light.
  6. The covers are easily washable.
  7. It's durable so will see us through more than one baby.
  8. It's simple without any gimmicks.

We bought the toy bar separately, which you don't have to do with many bouncers, but the Baby Björn one is made from wood which makes me feel quite reminiscent and means it is a lovely texture.  It fixes on to the bouncer easily and the simple fastenings mean that you can change the height it sits at as your little one grows. Our little boy ives spinning the flowers, beads and funny face as well as grabbing hold of the flower petals.

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