Sunday, 5 April 2015

SBC Massage Gel

I've recently begun exercising again, determined to get myself beach ready in time for the summer, and, as I've joined the local gym, I have been trying out as many different classes as possible. While I'm really enjoying it, my muscles are definitely feeling it; I guess carrying a weighty bubba around all day is putting them through their paces enough as it is!
To combat my aching muscles, I have been getting the hubs to give me shoulder/back massages post  workout and he's been working some of SBC's Camphor and Menthol massage gel into his palms first.

Unlike moisturisers, gel allows you to kneed your muscles much better and the blends of camphor and menthol in this SBC gel make it soothing and energising so that me feel relaxed while my muscles are recharged ready for my next exercise class.
If you want to try it, pop on to QVC's website and you'll, no doubt, be tempted by some of SBC's other goodies.

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