Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit

When it comes to little fingers, toes and noses I think it's fair to say that we all get nervous. How do we clear our little ones noses when they get a cold, or cut their nails, without doing more harm than good?
Luckily, Tommee Tippee have designed a little healthcare kit that has all the essentials you'll need and it comes in a handy little zip bag so you can keep everything together.

Our first use of it was for dealing with those fast-growing little finger nails. We'd been advised to avoid biting or flaking them, which seems sensible, but the alternative of getting near our wriggly little one with something sharp made me nervous so, I have to admit, I have handed this duty over to the hubs! The clipper blades are small and the grip is easy to manoeuvre. The little emery boards have also come in handy for the inevitable catches and broken nails that don't really require cutting.
A few weeks ago our little one got his first cold and we found the nasal aspirator helped to clear his nose just enough to help him breath easier, while the thermometer reassured us we had nothing serious to worry about.
We've yet to use any of the other items - our bubba doesn't have enough hit yet to need brushing! - but they look good quality and are sure to be of the same quality.
We're going away in the summer and I know we'll be taking this kit with us as it contains everything we need in one compact case. I'd definitely recommend it.


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