Monday, 8 June 2015

'A' is for Arbonne, 'B' is for Baby and 'C' is for Care

For the last fortnight, I've been trying some of Arbonne's baby products. I'm always keen to try new products on myself, but am hesitant when it comes to putting something unknown on my little one, so I was reassured by Arbonne's commitment to ingredient transparency and the fact that you can easily search these on their website. 

The Arbonne Baby Care set consists of four products to deal with the main aspects of your baby's regular skin care and first up was the hair and body wash. I was impressed with its mild perfume as that always suggests a more gentle product and, having used it at bath time for the last fortnight, we've found that to be true. It foams well and has removed any residue from other creams I've applied during the day.

Next up were the body lotion and nappy cream. Luckily, our little one hasn't had any particular skin concerns that need attention, but both creams did seem to moisturise his skin nicely. Again, neither were heavily perfumed and were non-greasy in texture. We haven't used too many creams on his skin, so had little to compare to but he certainly got on well with both.

Finally, with the sun showing its face more in the last few weeks, we've been trying the sunscreen. It's reassuringly thick, not too runny that you find it covers everything before you've got it rubbed in(!) and has the distinctly mild fragrance that is indicative of the brand's aim. I've rubbed it into our little one's skin several times over the last fortnight but resorted to a higher factor when the temperatures have risen into the mid-teens as he is so young.

I've enjoyed trying Arbonne's baby care range and, more importantly, so has our little one. So, if you're looking for an alternative to some of your usual products, why not take a look and see what you think? You might even find something for yourself!

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