Monday, 9 November 2015

Handy Pram Accessories You Won't Want To Do Without

Now, when I say pram accessories I'm not talking about pimping up your pram, if you pardon the expression! I mean the extras that will make your life easier.
As with everything baby, there's so much on the market that you'd be forgiven for feeling completely bamboozled and there are few things more frustrating when you're already on a limited budget than the purchase that proves utterly useless or sits in the cupboard unused. So I've taken my time over this post: all of the products are ones I've had for months and have been fully test-driven.

First up is the buggy clip. You'll have seen them on countless prams and pushchairs with handbags and shopping swinging from them. So many companies sell these oversized carabiners and they are super-cheap, but invaluable, to save carrying shopping or nappy bags.

Next is the Diono buggy tech station stroller organiser. It simply velcros around your pram handle(s) and has enough space to hold a number of essentials as well as touchscreen compatible sleeves for your phone and tablet. I haven't used the tablet part, so have unzipped it, but I can see its benefit if you have a child who needs entertaining especially on long journeys and have no doubt there'll be times I rely on it! I use the organiser everyday on long walks with the pup (he seemed intent on featuring in today's post, btw; see if you can spot him!), with Charlie tucked up in his pram.

My final two favourites are from Bugaboo. We have a Cameleon 3, so have come to trust the brand implicitly. Their organiser is great; it has several compartments with a zipped pocket for valuables and, because it velcros closed, I feel happy walking around town with my purse and phone tucked neatly inside. You can attach it to the pram's handle or, when your bubba is forward-facing, on the back of their seat. Wherever you place it, the fastenings are really secure and safe.

Finally, the Bugaboo cupholder because, let's face it, who has enough hands to juggle the all-essential cup of coffee?! Because it clips on to the side and is really sturdy, you don't have to worry about spillages of hot drinks close to your precious bundle. It's definitely worth getting something compatible with your pram for this reason alone; this one has attachments that mean it fits on all Bugaboo prams.


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