Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pregnancy Problems: Aches and Pains

Growing a little human is a tiring business which can put stresses and strains on your body. Last time around, it was PPGP which saw me donning a rather attractive, but amazing, pregnancy girdle for the final trimester! This time, the aches have been more muscular so I've been getting to grips with products that target them and thought that, at 31 weeks, now would be a good time to share those that have helped.

First up is a Clarins beauty. Their relax body treatment oil really does live up to expectations when massaged into aching muscles, or even by adding a few drops to your bath. The scent is gorgeous, with the geranium and basil being my favourite notes, and the fact that it beautifully moisturises your skin gives it another tick. If you're nervous about splashing out on it, be reassured by the fact that you really only need a little amount each time; I've used mine a lot and it's still looking pretty full.

Next is an oil you'll have seen in a previous skincare post all about avoiding those pesky stretch marks and a really lovely gift from a friend who, clearly, knows me well! Elemis's Japanese camellia body oil is really light so sinks in much faster than a lot of oils yet is still very moisturising. If that doesn't convince you, Victoria Beckham also rates it highly.

Another treat from Clarins, but a break away from oils, is their energising emulsion, which sinks in fast. It's one I wish I'd had in my first pregnancy when I spent a lot of time in heels and on my feet at work and around the city, as it is designed to target aches in your legs and feet. Unlike the other two products, its aim is to energise and those clever people at Clarins have got the formula just right as that's exactly what it does; even Mr TMBB has been known to steal some after an afternoon running around the rugby and hockey pitches!

I'd love to hear what products you rate and whether you've tried any of my favourite three. If you feel like sharing, add a comment at the end of the post as there are bound to be lots of goodies that the rest of us haven't tried and really should.

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