Monday, 20 June 2016

Toddler Favourites: Traditional Wooden Toys

If you're looking for toys that make you reminisce or that you can pass down through your children then, in my opinion, wooden toys are the way to go. It's all about nostalgic toys at the moment so you really can take your pick and the only way to stop me doing just that is to take my wallet from me! On a serious note, they also seem less overtly driven by gender stereotypes than some of the modern toys and that gives them another big tick in my book as I know both of our children (we have a boy and a girl) will enjoy playing with them.

You don't have to go big as there are so many toys out there that will entertain your little one; two of my favourites are Brio's pull-along helicopter or race car that we were bought when Charlie was born.

Toys that can be stacked are a firm favourite with toddlers and these white wooden alphabet blocks from ELC are in and out of the toy box so regularly I don't know why I bother putting them away each night! Our little one loves building towers, or more precisely knocking them down, and eventually I know he'll use them to begin learning his letters.

Also from ELC is this lovely wooden trike which I wrote about in one of my Christmas gift posts (gosh, that seems ages ago!). It's still a firm favourite with our boy regularly loading its trailer with toys to carry around the house. It looks far more expensive than its £40 price tag and I love that it's sustained his interest at each different stage.

Finally, a brand I wasn't familiar with until few weeks ago, Bigjigs, and their chunky alphabet puzzle. We have the lower case version, but they have an upper case version too if you prefer. Puzzles are a real hit and a great choice of present for toddlers. We have five different wooden puzzles (I know, I told you I get carried away when it comes to wooden toys!) with different levels of challenge so it's worth getting one to suit your little one's dexterity or having a few for them to choose from so they can progress at their own rate through exploring their skills. Although you can get both puzzles online, there's nothing like shopping for them in store as they're so tactile; a new favourite store of ours is Whirligig which stocks so many gorgeous toys you'll understand why I get so carried away!


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