Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Me and My Mini Me

Given that our firstborn is a boy, I've not really made the most of the opportunity for twinning with our daughter. It's so rare that I get chances where's it's just the two of us to do that so, with Charlie in nursery on the morning of our 20 week scan and the hubs having broken up for summer, we decided to make the most of the time with our girl and head to the seafront beforehand.

Even though they're growing up on the coast, our two love spotting boats and seagulls or playing with the stones on the shingle beach. It was such a gorgeous, albeit breezy day, and there were gleaming white sails dotted the horizon and Holly loved pointing them out. Warm days by the seaside are always a bit unpredictable so I was glad I'd popped Holly in a gorgeous blue floral and striped jersey top and light-weight leggings as they gave her just enough coverage to cope with the change in temperature whenever the cool breeze took the edge off.

At 5 months into pregnancy, I'm not ready for maternity clothes yet, but I feel much more comfortable in clothes that aren't as restrictive around the waist so my Riviera print white jersey dress was absolutely prefect. I love white but it can be a risky choice with little ones around, so the subtle stripe and scattering of flowers are ideal (and pretty). I love that you can just pull it over your head, pop on some sandals and be ready to go, plus it's now on sale (as is Holly's outfit).
I can never resist a beach hut and I'm a bit of a neat freak, so I love the co-ordinating ones along our seafront. I wish we owned one and, it seems, that Holly feels the same as she was taken by the gorgeous duck-egg green one (clever girl) so we may be able to persuade the hubs they're a wise investment yet!

After a quick stop-off at one of our favourite seaside spots for a quick drink to cool down there was time for one more brief play on the beach before heading to the hospital for our scan. Eek!

Although we were kindly sent the clothes in this post by Joules, the opinions in it are all my own and as genuine as the clothes are gorgeous!

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