Sunday 12 November 2017

Why Recording Your Pregnancy Is So Important

I'm not normally one to spend time in front of the camera, partially because I love taking pictures and I'm never without a bag full of toddler bits so a camera is hardly a burden to carry. If you follow me on instagram, however, you'll have noticed more pictures of me than ever and I have to admit it's a conscious decision. Not because I suddenly think I'm really photogenic or anything (I'm more than likely laughing or looking away from the camera as I can't quite master the looking-straight-down-the-lens shot), but because I know in years to come I will regret not capturing myself pregnant.

No matter how our bodies take to pregnancy, we all change a lot during those 9+ months so it's understandable that we might feel camera shy. If you're like me, you'll have been through the early stage where you assume strangers just think you're carrying a bit of extra weight around your middle, to the weeks where you're quite happy show-casing your neat bump, before returning again to the self-conscious final month where people comment on your size in a way that they'd never consider doing to someone who wasn't pregnant.

Regardless and given that this might be my last pregnancy, I've cherished watching my bump grow knowing already how wonderful it is to look at your children after they're born and eagerly anticipate the bonds that will develop between them. Of my three pregnancies, that nostalgia (can it already be?) has meant this is the one where I've actively sought photographs of me to be taken and, whenever I look between my bump and toddlers, I'm in awe of what our bodies can do.

This is also the first pregnancy where I've had a bump in the summer and I was pretty determined that I was going to enjoy baring it on holiday. The freedom was wonderful: no restricting waistbands or heavy layers confusing me as to whether I was hot or cold. It's much easier to photograph your bump in the summer as you often just feel bundled in coats during the winter months, but it really is worth taking the time to do it. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid I'm a superficial soul when it comes to having my photograph taken, quick to poke holes in how I look, so I've tried to ensure that I've retained some sense of myself in my maternity wardrobe or that, at least, my hair looks tidy enough to hide behind! My advice (if you want it), is to ensure that you do or wear whatever it is that makes you feel the happiest version of yourself so that, when your other half or a friend try to take photographs of you, you'll willingly oblige, let them take lots and be pretty happy with the results. After all, your children will want to look at those pictures one day and you'll be glad of them.

I know how frustrating it is to find maternity bits that you like, so I've added a few links to the genuine maternity pieces below in case any of what I'm wearing is what you're after:


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