Tuesday, 12 May 2015

PacaPod Mirano Changing Bag

For the last few weeks I've been trying out PacaPod's Mirano Changing Bag in mocha from John Lewis, so I thought it was about time I wrote a review.
If, like me, you frequently 'lose' things in your vast handbag then the design of this changing bag is one you'll be wanting to add to your list for when your baby arrives (take advantage of John Lewis' click and collect service). The clever people at PacaPod have combined all the things you would expect from a nappy bag, with clever touches to still make it super useful for you. It comes in two colours (mocha and navy), both of which are lovely and, with the tan leather detailing, look really classic.

On one side is everything baby from changing mat, to changing pod to food pod and the clever design of the bag means that everything slots back into its own place when you've finished. The velcro straps for the pods are an ingenious idea as they, not only, mean that nothing falls out but also allow you to put the straps around the handle of your pram if you don't feel the need for the whole bag or you want pods within easy reach. The simple colour coding and images are another great idea and helped me be a lot more organised!

Unlike many changing bags, the Pacapod Murano also comes with two straps which allow you to hang it from the handle of your pram, whether by the shorter handles or the long strap, no matter what design your pram handles are.

And now for my favourite bit: mum's side! My husband jokes about me 'losing' my keys all the time and as much as I try to plead my innocence, he's right! So, the key hook was always going to be an instant winner and, with the changeable weather we've been having, I've been really pleased not to hang around at the front door scrabbling for my keys! There are several pockets of different sizes and you can even fit your laptop in the largest one - great for working mums.

So, if you've been deliberating which changing bag to go for, and are after a one which doesn't scream 'mum' from the outside, but does everything you'll need it to on the inside, the Pacapod Murano is a great choice.

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