Sunday, 6 December 2015

This Week In Micro Fashion...We're Crawling Around in Blade & Rose Leggings

Regular readers will know that I'm a huge fan of dungarees and, since I've reluctantly given up on babygrows during the day (sad face), they're pretty much all our little one has been wearing. That was until these Blade & Rose landed on our door mat.
I have to confess, I hadn't thought about putting our boy in leggings before, although I think they look super cute on little girls, as I'm a real traditionalist when it comes to dressing him. But the adorable designs emblazoned across his nappy-clad bottom put a smile on my face as soon as I saw him crawling around in each of our three pairs and there's no denying that they are great for little crawlers as they don't fall down like most trousers.
Years of working in London mean that I'm a real sucker for anything with the city's icons, so I couldn't resist this Queen's guard pair. They're distinctly boyish and the colours mean your little one can crawl around 'til their hearts' content without worrying about them getting mucky.

Next up are the definitive pair for boys; the pirate design screams mischief and is so fitting for a little one who's into everything! I really like how well these co-ordinate with our boys' other clothes (I put him in a lot of blue) and I'd definitely consider that when you're picking out pairs for your bubba.

Finally, I couldn't resist this H.R.H. pair. They're so iconic and the colours are vibrant. Seeing Charlie's bottom wriggling around with the Union Jack and crown cheekily across it really makes me giggle!


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