Friday, 26 February 2016

What Mums Really Want for Mother's Day

I'm writing this with the French doors thrown open and the sun streaming in while the pup runs in and out of the garden with his tennis ball. The bubs is down for his morning nap and, I have to say that apart from struggling to touch my toes, life feels pretty good today. It's always the way when the sun's shining, isn't it? Everything seems rosy and most of your worries dissolve.
Anyway, as I'm sitting here basking in the Vitamin D, convinced that if I stay still long enough a few freckles might reappear, I'm feeling pretty carefree and this brings me (in a rather roundabout way) to today's post: what mums really want for Mother's Day. I began planning this like many of my gift posts, but it's taken a rather different turn and, instead, I decided to have a little fun with it!

I recently started a new feature on the blog called From the Bookshelf and, while browsing the shelves at my local bookstore for inspiration, I found Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy. With 3 children Mrs Large certainly trumps me but I found myself empathising with this cartoon elephant and giggling at her desperate attempts for peace and quiet. This, combined with a read of The Mum from Ladybird's for Grown Ups series, and I suddenly knew what I wanted to write.
What I really want for Mother's Day this year is actually quite straight-forward and I have a feeling I'm not alone. 
A bunch of flowers and not the kind that you can buy at the petrol station. You know the ones. Tulips will do perfectly, especially given the time of year, and they don't cost the earth. A lazy start to the morning, maybe a walk with the family on the seafront (it will be sunny, of course), before a long relaxing lunch that has not been prepared by my own fair hands, complete with a couple of glasses of wine (not for me this year given my pregnant state). Maybe the day will be topped off with a takeaway, a few g&t's and a movie with the hubs. Who knows?

What it wouldn't be, and this is where so many dads in their blind panic of last minute shopping go wrong, is a naff card and present combination. We've all been there so I'm not judging, but you know the ones I mean (and I suspect the dads do too), where they've left it too late and that oh-so-convenient card store has just the ticket emblazoned with World's Best Mother. I mean, you are right?
I may be missing the point here, but I don't need to be reminded that I'm a mum on Mother's Day; I get that every day and while it's pretty great, what I really want is a bit of a break from the chores that go with it and, perhaps, a present that reflects the things I like that have nothing to do with being a mum. So dads, if you're reading this, there's a week to go, so why not make this weekend the time you buy the presents, if you haven't already, so you can avoid that classic "I've got a few jobs to do in town, darling," next Saturday. Get it right and we promise we'll return the favour come Father's Day, when you want to start the day by catching up with Match of the Day, wash down your lunch with a nice cold pint and spend the day safe in the knowledge that there's not going to be a new pair of socks in sight (unless they're particularly classy ones, of course)!

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