Tuesday, 24 May 2016

This Week In Micro Fashion...We're Getting Holiday Dresses Ready

Okay, so we might not be going away for some time (we're having a stay-cation this summer, but have just booked a week in the sun with family this Autumn), but that doesn't stop me getting over-excited about summer dresses. After all, they won't be around for long so we've got to plan ahead!
As usual, one of my first stops is The Little White Company and they didn't disappoint. In fact, the only trouble was trying to remind myself that there are only so many dresses one little bubba can wear in a week!

I'm a fan of traditional clothing so The White Company's styling is perfect: no-fussy patterns or emblems here, just classic designs that you'll find it hard to resist. My first pick was this gorgeous white broderie ruffle dress. It's quite possibly the cutest dress I've seen with its floral broderie, square neckline, ruffle detail, cotton lining and matching white knickers.

My in-laws bought our little girl this gorgeous pink cardigan which has a subtle sewn heart motif. My mother-in-law knows me well: I'm not a fan of too much pink (although I am a devotee of The White Company) but this, as it claims, is a delicate whisper pink that's really pretty and we'll be popping it over the top of the broderie dress whenever it gets a little chilly.

My final pick is a traditional style in a modern fabric: chambray. I really like how soft this chambray lace dress is, both in look and texture, as it's kinder to their skin than traditional denim and still looks like a babies' dress rather than a fashion item. The capped sleeves give added protection, while the gathered skirt means the dress is really full and the matching knickers are super cute. The bonus of this dress is that its colour means it will suit tights and any shade of cardigan that means our little cherub can even wear it when we're back home.

I hope you enjoyed my first girly This Week in Micro Fashion... as much as I have! I may need reining in though as there's a distinct chance I'll get carried away!

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