Thursday, 26 January 2017

Mr Independent: Starting Nursery

I appreciate that, at 2 years old, Charlie is way behind lots of your little ones in starting nursery but it's something we've been nervous of nonetheless. While I'm at home with our second, I feel cruel sending him off but, I appreciate that, with so many of his peers already there, it's best for his development.

As he's that bit older, I've tried to take the opportunity to give him some independence so that he feels more in control of the situation and, as he's expected to begin to take responsibility for his things, I thought this would be the best place to start.
Nappies, wipes and a spare change of clothes stay in his cubby hole so there are only a few things he needs to take each day. His teachers suggested bringing a favourite teddy with him but you don't want to be losing a favourite, so his well-loved donkey with his personalised jumper is perfect. Ours is a few years old and discontinued, but you can still get teddy who's equally cuddly.

Our boy's a guzzler and is rarely seen without one of his bottles. The children in his class have an area where they leave their water bottles so they can go and get a drink whenever they want, so I'm really glad of our Camelbak which stands out from all the others (ideal when your child is too young to be able to read their name permanently marked around the edge). I love that you can see how much you've drunk and the soft valve which is easily shut off to prevent leaks is incredibly toddler friendly.

Our boy is fortunate enough to attend a nursery with an amazing playground, garden and forest school so it's no wonder they have a sign on the front door that tells you to be prepared as they go out in all weather. I'm reluctant to buy two pairs of wellies, so take Charlie's yellow ones up each time and he places them on the floor below his peg.
He carries his donkey, water bottle and wellies himself in his new vintage vehicle backpack. He was so excited when he first saw it and immediately began carrying it about. The large loop is perfect for those short journeys from car to classroom and is big enough that he can hang it on his peg unaided. I love the design, canvas fabric and his name boldly embroidered in red across the front so there's no doubt who the bag belongs to. It has a small pocket on the front that he uses when we go to swimming lessons (post coming soon) to put a car or digger in to keep him entertained when we're getting changed.

He's been wearing his navy parka since autumn  arrived (we've got a bit of a mother and son twinning going on) and even now the weather's really chilly, he's still snug inside it, especially when combined with his wooly hat.
He's really enjoying being a bit more independent (I'm not dealing with it quite so well) and I really think this will help with the transition.


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