Wednesday 1 March 2017

World Book Day: A Round-Up of Our Current Favourites

It's World Book Day this Thursday (2nd March), so I thought it was high time I wrote a From the Bookshelf post. In the past I've focused on all-time favourites but, this year, I thought I'd go with a round-up of the books that I'm currently reading to our children each night and those that I catch them looking at during the day.

Although our current bedtime favourites are new to us (our lucky kids were given them as gifts by relatives who came to stay recently) the first, Giraffes Can't Dance, is over 15 years old. The story of Gerald and the annual dance competition is incredibly endearing. Told in alternate rhyme and with an easy rhythm it's one I already love reading to our children and that helps settle them for a good night's sleep. The illustrations enhance the story perfectly. Despite it's age, the story is incredibly current with a focus on inclusion and celebrating differences that is touching yet light. It's such a hit that that I've bought the board book to take away with us and have added it to my list of books to buy as presents for friends' children.

Next up is The Lion Inside which has a completely different look, but an equally empowering story with a surprising ending that I won't spoil. It's a story about strength and friendship that says so much about introverts and extroverts. I knew I recognised the style of illustrations, but needed to be reminded where from and, no about, you'll soon recognise them too.

Our third and final bedtime story is I Love You Hoo. It's a really sweet story about the love a mummy owl has for her owlet. I'm a soppy dote so love the sentiment and can't deny that I got a lump in my throat at several points. I can't help but think that it would make a really lovely Mother's Day gift.
We were also sent some fantastic board books by Macmillan that are aimed specifically at pre-school children and, as they're strong enough to stand the test of little hands, they've sat within each reach since they arrived so our little ones can pick them up at will.

The London Noisy Tube is a fun sound book that was immediately popular. Each page has different passengers from tourists to commuters to theatre goers and it makes me reminisce about my days commuting. The cut-out for the button creates a useful handhold so even really little ones can turn pages completely unaided.

Night Animals and Lift-the-flap Playbook are also interactive with something different on every page. I really like how the first teaches them about animals that might live in our neighbourhood while I often find our youngest intently tracing her fingers over the various textures and indents of the latter.

My personal favourites are Colours and Animals: they are stunning and the colours and contrasts really catch your eye. I love spying on my two helping one another turn the pages and linger over the different images.

If you're looking for inspiration, I can recommend any of the books in today's post. I'm a total book worm and regularly pop into my local bookstore for a browse, but I'm also really picky so if your bookshelf needs a refresh, you can't go far wrong with any of our World Book Day choices.

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