Thursday, 15 June 2017

A Day at The Cricket

If you've read the blog before you'll know that sport is king (and queen) in our household and summer is all about long days in the sun watching the hubs play cricket.

Last Sunday was no exception with a key fixture and a place in the next round of the Cricketers' Cup at stake. With family over from Canada, as well as some birthdays (and a surprise!) among the in-laws to celebrate, there was nothing for it but a very British picnic along the boundary, keeping our fingers and toes crossed for some warm weather (and a win, of course!).

It's already obvious that our toddler's inherited his father's love for sport, particularly anything involving a ball and, as he is always keen to get involved, we brought along his miniature cricket set and ensured he was dressed suitably too. His eyes are the most amazing blue so we had to dress him in this gorgeous sky blue cricket sweater paired with navy shorts (for a day running around they were the only choice). I loved seeing Charlie twin with his father so, of course, the camera was at the ready.

Apart from a walk around the boundary with Daddy to slow him down (it seems obligatory for all cricketers to walk the boundary), he didn't stop running all day and spent hours in the nets with his cousins, aunts and uncles, hence the super curly hair (it was hot and windy)!

Although it wasn't a win for our cricketers on Sunday, it was such a win for our little budding cricketer that we'll definitely be popping his cricket set and 'blues' on when we next watch Daddy play in a few weeks.

I should mention that JoJo Maman Bébé very kindly sent us the cricket sweater and shorts, but it's pretty clear that they're a genuine hit! It's also worth mentioning, that I should have locked my keyboard as I've just noticed Charlie has edited a few draft posts and added a some labels (*desperately searches for any other 'little' adjustments*)!


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