Monday, 4 March 2019

Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes all the family will love

Pancakes are one of my favourite things to eat. I'll eat them in most forms but, give me a leftover lemon and I'll be wanting to pair it with crêpe-style pancakes, drenched in its juice and carpeted in sugar. If you want to mix things up a bit though, this Shrove Tuesday, I can recommend pulling out two favourites that I've posted about before: for the grownups, Jamie Oliver's berry good pancakes and for the younger ones Annabel Karmel's yoghurt pancakes (recipe on the app although there are similar recipes on her website).

I have to admit, as a creature of habit, the first time I made berry good pancakes, I wasn't sure they were going to live up to their name (I thought the blueberries might make them a bit soggy) but the mix of textures alongside the sweet and savoury flavours are absolutely delicious. I said these are for the grown-ups but blueberries are firm favourites in our household so I've served them without the trimmings (streaky bacon and maple syrup) for our children but a dollop of yoghurt works well too. As with every pancake recipe I've tried, this one is so easy you can get the children involved too; I usually find that when my sous-chefs have helped they're just as keen to be chief tasters!

Although I have a keen sweet tooth, I normally find maple syrup too sweet and considered leaving the final drizzle but it's a great contrast with the bacon and the stickiness is really lovely.

Now for the Annabel Karmel's yoghurty pancakes. They're the same American-style (smaller and thicker) as Jamie Oliver's and are so similar but the yoghurt gives them a really subtle sweetness that means they're happily gobbled on their own. I don't know a child that doesn't like yoghurt and there are so many lactose-free yoghurts for children with dairy allergies (Sainsbury's has a good online selection to get you started) that you can easily switch in. I've got Annabel Karmel's app (it's got its own shopping list feature which has saved me lots of times) and this recipe is particular to it but she's got a lovely blueberry and yoghurt recipe on her website too.

In the past, we've added a drizzle of honey to ours along with a handful of blueberries and some banana but I'd go with whatever fruit you want/have in the house because that's one of the joys of pancakes: the ingredients are ones you're unlikely not to have at home so why complicate them.

Although, I have to confess, I tend to choose a crêpe over an American pancake on Shrove Tuesday, I really love both recipes especially for Sunday brunch or a lazy breakfast when you've got guests staying. However you eat yours this Pancake Day, I hope you've made enough!

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