Saturday, 8 November 2014

Oils and Creams

I've always been a devotee of moisturising, it was one of the things my mum advised me to do from my teens, and with the threat of stretch-marks rattling around my head, I realise that it has never been more important.
There is all sorts of contradictory advice regarding what to use and whether, ultimately, any of it actually works so it is understandable that most of us are left with our heads spinning and trying to decide whether to splash the cash and, if so, what on.
I have always loved Palmers Cocoa Butter and have been liberally applying it for years. For those who haven't tried it, it's a really thick creamy moisturiser and it smells divine. Granted it takes a while to sink in, but I think it's worth the wait. But was it going to do the job?
I grew nervous of the fact that my body might soon be etched in a map of lines that would have me covered up forever more and so reached for the bottle, the bottle of Bio-Oil to be exact. I know I'm far from alone in doing so and their scar studies are certainly convincing, but there are many reputable sources that claim it has no effect whatsoever so I'll be sure to let you know my final verdict come our little
boy's arrival in January. The down-side is that, as an oil, you have to be careful where you apply it as spillages can make a mess of your carpets and be sure to put something on afterwards that you don't mind getting grease marks on (they come out in the wash, but create rather amusing marks on your clothes in the meantime).
The final product, Cussons Mum & Me Bump Stretch Mark Cream, was a gift from my best uni bud. She'd been bought it by her sister-in-law and rather sweetly ordered me a tub of it. As with Palmers, it is quite a thick cream although it doesn't take as long to sink in. The tub makes it easier to dispense than my bottle of Cocoa Butter (which can take some effort), so I have been alternating between them depending on how much energy I have! The smell is not my usual choice as it's musky (it is made from a combination of Tamanu and Almond Oils), but it has that lovely soporific scent which is common throughout their range and, therefore, great for applying before bed. Cussons' Mum and Me range is extensive and sold in most large supermarkets and chemists so it is worth a look, especially if you fancy something to add to your bath to help soak away any aches.
I'm not sure which of the three is my favourite and, largely, it might depend on your budget. Palmers Cocoa Butter is buy far the cheapest (it usually retails at £3.99) while the other two products are upwards of £10 (there are often deals to be had online so look there before heading to your local stores). My general approach is to apply Bio-Oil to my bump and chest after a shower, but one of the other two before bed or when sitting around in my pjs (that is happening a lot more now, I can tell you!).

I'd love to hear which products you have found good or, if you have tried any of the three I have reviewed here it would be great to know how successful you found them.

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