Monday, 27 February 2017

Blueberry Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

There's a divide in our household when it comes to pancakes: the hubs wouldn't give you anything for them while I happily suggest them whenever I'm at a loss of what to do for pudding. I'm normally a traditional lemon and (carpet of) sugar girl on crêpe-style pancakes but, in a desperate bid to win him around, I decided to try something new.

Step forward, firm favourite, Jamie Oliver with his berry good pancakes. I have to admit, I thought he'd been pretty punchy when he named them as I'm not normally a fan of American-style pancakes, but I ate my words (and a whole stack of these beauties) when I cooked them for brunch at the weekend.

From a young age, my mum got us involved in the kitchen; I'm the youngest of five so she'd be forgiven for finding that a bit too much, but she really encouraged us no matter how much it slowed her down! I've been trying to do the same with Charlie so I really like the fact that Jamie Oliver's got the same approach to family cooking and this recipe reminds you of the ways that your children can get involved. My sous-chef has quite an appetite and I have to stop him raiding the goodies as we go (I had to hide reserves of blueberries) and his concept of cooking time is a tad lax.

Nonetheless, all of the pancakes made it to the table and the stacks disappeared so quickly that I was glad I'd doubled the recipe.

The combination of fluffy American pancake, warm soft blueberries, crispy bacon and maple syrup was spot on. We tried some with honey too and, while they worked really well, it was the maple syrup that was a clear winner. We had a handful of strawberries left in the fridge (I know it's only February!), so we added them to the mix too and the sweet-savoury combination was delicious.

Last year was the first time Charlie tried pancakes and I cooked Annabel Karmel's yoghurt pancakes (a recipe from her app), but she has lots on her website. I wrote a post on them last year that you can take a peek at here, if you fancy.
Come Shrove Tuesday (or even a weekend brunch with friends), we now have something to please everyone so I'll definitely be reeling out the berry good pancakes but, in the meantime, I'm off to order a copy of Jamie Oliver's Super Food Family Classics for some more cracking ideas.


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