Thursday, 19 March 2015

This Week In Micro Fashion...We're In The Clouds

I am an unresigned fan of babies in baby grows. They look adorable, comfy and, despite a resurgence, it is the only time in their lives when they will look good in a onsie. There's plenty of time, in my view, to dress them in 'real' clothes so I have been keen to drag it out as much as possible.
A good compromise, however, and one which I have been unable to resist the lure of, are these footed leggings from The Little White Company. The name 'leggings' doesn't do them justice really, but what else are you going to call them?
The fact that they are footed means that, while the weather is still chilly your little one's toes can stay toasty. The lovely detailing on the sole is so ridiculously cute that you'll be watching your baby's feet kicking away even longer than normal, especially during tummy time!

The bonus of leggings is that they can make a nappy change quicker and, if it leaks, you only have to change the bottom half of the outfit...cue an excuse to buy more than one pair of these little gems.
The down-side of leggings is that, with a vest buttoned underneath, your angel's torso can look quite out of proportion as leggings tend to ride high on the waist to cover their nappy. But, the clever people at The Little White Company have a solution for that: you can either go all-out clouds with their unisex cloud sweatshirt, which is very cute, or go for the soft knit of their unisex cloud motif jumper with its handy envelope neckline.
There's something about soft grey; it's easy to see why it's one of The White Company's calling cards and they've done a super job with this collection for tiny tots. I'm slightly obsessed with the colour myself (our nursery colour palette is based around it) and have been tucking Charlie under their cot sized satin-edged cellular blanket for his naps.
Together with this outfit he looks so dreamy that, I must admit, I'm just a teensy bit jealous!

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