Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sky Garden

At Easter we visited the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch St, or the Walkie Talkie as it's affectionately known, and in a breakaway from my normal posts, I thought I'd share it with you.
I was a bit uncertain as to whether whizzing up 37 floors in a lift was the best move with a three month old or whether it was more a meeting space for city workers, but he was completely oblivious (plus we were allowed to take his pram up* which made it much more relaxing) and there was a real mix of ages and visitors. We even saw a group of mums with babies in prams having a catch-up.

It hasn't been open long so I was expecting the garden to be somewhat undeveloped and the whole thing to be packed but, in a wise move, you have to book your free time-slot in advance so you know that, unlike other London hotspots where you're cheek to cheek with throngs of other excited Londoners/tourists, you can actually enjoy some breathing space while taking in the amazing skyline and tropical greenery. Booking also means you don't have to wait for long (I don't care what they say about Brits and queueing, I'm not a fan), but you will be disappointed if you don't turn up with photo ID.

Ask any of my friends/family and they'll tell you that I'm a bit obsessed with London skylines (my  prerequisite is a rooftop bar, but the arrival of bubs has meant I need to branch out a bit) so Sky Garden was under a great deal of pressure to deliver. But deliver it did. In spades.
Unlike many London skyscrapers, the views on all sides were unlimited and breathtaking due to the vast expanse of glass; from the moment you step out of the lift, the light hits you and you really do feel like you're up in the Gods. Plus, the fact that it is entirely enclosed means you can enjoy London views regardless of the weather. It was unexpectedly warm the day we went, but it was the perfect temperature inside so will be a great spot to visit to escape the summer city heat.

It's set on several levels (there is a seperate lift to take you to the highest so you don't have to miss out if you do take your pram) and you can go out on the viewing platfrom if you want some air.

Although we'd have loved to, we didn't have time to try out either of the restaurants (next time) but, after a wander around, we settled ourselves down at one of the tables in the Sky Pod Bar to enjoy a G&T with a view while the little one slept peacefully in his pram!

*You may find they ask you to leave your pram downstairs so it may be wise to pack a baby carrier.

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