Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Switching Your Baby's Body Clock

I'll keep this one short and sweet as, I imagine, anyone reading this is desperately searching online for ways to switch their baby's body clock.
Our boy can sleep, in fact he slept so much at the start that he didn't feed enough and, although we make light of it now, it was a real worry that had him dropping off weight and us readmitted to hospital.
Once he was over that, however, he seemed determined to stay awake after a night feed. So if, like us, you're struggling to switch your little one's body clock, then there is one tip which was like finding gold at the end of the rainbow: feed with your eyes shut. Yes, really! 
Give it a go and, after a few feeds where you peep through your eyelids to discover that you are either feeding your baby's cheek(!), or that they are staring back at you waiting for you to look at them, they will more than likely be copying you and find it easier to fall back to sleep.
It's all to do with the fact that they don't have a body clock, so we need to define day and night for them by interacting with them during day feeds and, essentially, ignoring them at night!
We did it for three nights in a row, apparently three is the magic number in making or breaking habits, and haven't looked back since (you can tell by the fact the photo dates back to January!). We still find the occasional need for it but, mostly, our boy now knows when it's time to sleep after a feed and when he can expect more interaction.
If you do try it, I'd be keen to know how you get on.

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