Friday, 5 June 2015

Tummy Time With Mamas and Papas

Ah, tummy time. It should be full of fun and giggles, but in reality you're more likely to find your baby wriggling around uncomfortably and, probably, wondering why on earth you've placed them on their front when they know you know they don't like it!

Step forward the Mamas and Papas Tummy Time Activity Toy. I wasn't sure how our little one would get on with it and, at first, it was too large for him to cope with, but from three months he was big enough and strong enough to balance on it and, at four months, he began using it to strengthen his torso and arms.
The cylindrical shape means he can push with his legs and create some motion while the concave middle supports his stomach.

It's a multi-sensory toy covered in a multitude of bright colours (including patterns such as stripes and spots) that babies love, made of many different textures, has 3D elements and movable parts, as well accompanying sounds.

The clever design means that, unlike so many purchases you'll make for your newborn, this one will see them through various stages: for quite some time, although our little one was pretty static, he was mesmerised by the stripes and spots. Then he discovered the mirror, crinkly apple and the teething flower and will, no doubt, be ready for the moving parts like the snail, bumble bee and musical apple soon.


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