Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Uh Oh, It's Time To Start Weaning!

It's finally arrived. The time I was, secretly, dreading: it's time to start weaning!
My reservations are, I'm sure, not uncommon: on the sentimental side, I don't want our bubba to grow up, while on the practical side, I didn't know where to begin but did know that weaning is messy!
We've kept it simple to start with and have begun with baby rice to get our little one used to different textures. It's so easy to prepare (you just mix it with some of their milk) which pleases me no end as, although I'm sure I will spend hours making lovely healthy food only for him to spit it out, I'm not ready to deal with that just yet!

The bigger question for me was what products to use to feed him said baby rice. At almost 6 months old, he is getting pretty good at grabbing things, although not so good at doing it with any finesse, so I knew I had to choose wisely, but felt bamboozled by the choice.
That's where Babybj√∂rn's new kitchen range comes in. Their BPA-free baby plate and spoon set ticks all the boxes.

Unlike many on the market, the plate sits firmly and, despite a few knocks, has yet to be sent flying thanks to its clever design (shape and rubberised base)! The shape also has your baby in mind meaning that, when they're ready to feed themselves, they'll be able to scoop food more easily than with traditional style plates.

The squat round spoons are easy for little hands to grip and mean fewer wobbles as they learn to feed themselves. On the underside of the handle is a notch which prevents the spoon from slipping into the plate (why can't adult cutlery have that?!) and has saved us many times already!
I've been so buoyed by our early success that I think we might be ready for the next stage and we'll be using our trusty Babybj√∂rn crockery. I'll let you know how we get on!

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