Monday, 3 August 2015

GALT Toys Farm Playnest

We're vacationing on the French Riviera at the moment, so this week's posts are all inspired by holidaying with your baby and, for the first instalment, I thought I'd focus on keeping your little one easily entertained.
With baggage restrictions, we knew there were only a few toys that would make the cut and get their passport stamped. The ones that made it had to provide hours of entertainment and pack small enough to fit neatly in a suitcase. The GALT Farm Playnest made it and, as I write this, our bubba is sitting happily in the shade playing in it.

When it comes to toys, it's easy to spend a fortune on things that your little one barely uses and that sit at the bottom of the toy box gathering dust. My students threw me a baby shower before I went on maternity leave and, among the gifts was the GALT Farm Playnest. At the time, I didn't appreciate how invaluable it would prove but, as our boy enters his seventh month, he's been enjoying playing in it for hours on end on a daily basis.
The playnest consists of an inflatable inner-tube and a material cover that forms a slightly cushioned base for your baby to sit in. The shape of the inner-tube is triangular in order to help your bubba sit up while they are playing.

Like all the best toys, it's multi-sensory and designed to suit their different stages of development. Strategically placed around the top of the ring, and on the farmyard animals, are tempting details designed to appeal to your baby's hearing and touch.

I'm so glad we packed this for our week away as it's enabled him to be just as independent while we are away as he's used to at home and has made the whole experience more enjoyable for all of us.

For more tips on holidaying with your baby, keep your eyes open for the next instalment of this week's feature.


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