Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mothercare Nanu Stroller

Whether you're hopping on a plane to sunnier climes, or you're enjoying a staycation, you'll be packing a lot of stuff when you take your baby away. Space is of a premium anyway and, if you're flying, you have the added concern of possible damage to your regular travel system in the hold so a lot of parents buy a purse-friendly option for holidays.
In this instalment of holidaying with baby, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Mothercare Nanu Stroller. We love our regular travel system (a Bugaboo Cameleon 3) so umm'd and ahhh'd for ages until we decided to fork out for a stroller, but we're really pleased we did.
Our holiday's a mix of city and villa, so we knew we would need something for days of sight-seeing  as well as lazy lunches and dinners out, yet we also knew there would be days when it wasn't needed at all. So, with a price tag of £34.99 (with £15 off the usual price), it was already a front-runner. Cue a visit to our local store for a closer look and a chat with Mel (you may remember from early posts that the manageress of our branch is a font of all knowledge).
It really is a great choice; it's light, easy to use and functional. Pushing it around Marseille and Cassis (an absolute must visit), our bubba has been enjoying the views of the port from the upright position and, sitting outside restaurants in the evening, he sleeps soundly when it's fully reclined (with the added help of the snoozeshade - it's another little saviour).

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