Friday, 11 September 2015

TEN Baby Skincare

Earlier this summer (can I still call it summer?!), I was sent some baby skincare products by the lovely people at TEN so, in today's post, I thought I'd let you know how we got on.
Taking care of your bubba's skin is such a key part of your daily routine that it's essential you pick the right products and a brand that's going to look after your little one's oh so delicate skin. Luckily, TEN's Gentle Baby Skincare range does just that.

At bath time, we've been using the cleansing foam and natural shampoo. They smell divine, a delicate  talc-like scent which fills the bath room and has me and the hubs vying for turns in the tub with the bubs! The foaming cleanser is really light so you know it's fully washed of when the time comes to pull the plug and the shampoo lathers just as well and helps tackle the last of the cradle cap our boy has.

To prevent any dry patches, and give that cradle cap another zap, we've been rubbing the massage oil into our baby's skin. It's such a lovely habit to get into before bedtime and the stimulation of his limbs really helps his circulation (he has mild problems with this) as well as being another excuse to interact.

The delicate skin on your baby's bottom has a lot to cope with, sitting in dirty and wet nappies, so nappy creams are a staple in most parents' changing bags. TEN's diaper cream sinks into skin and our little one's sin has certainly seen the benefits.

If you're looking to stock up on skincare for your bubba, or you're looking to put together some useful gifts for new parents, you won't go far wrong with TEN Gentle Baby Skincare.

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