Thursday, 9 July 2015

Babybjörn Highchair

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a secret squirrel bloggers’ breakfast by Babybjörn at the gorgeous Parlour in Fortnum& Mason’s to chat over their latest lines (the limited edition Ice Cream collection is even cuter than it looks online) and their autumn launch (you’re in for a real treat).
While we were there Charlie tried out Babybjörn’s highchair in which he sat up for the very first time and, lo and behold, a few days later, his very own one arrived at our front door.

Although I excitedly opened the box as soon as it arrived, I was convinced that putting it together was going to be a job for the hubs and that my attempts at surprising him with Charlie sitting up when he came home from work would be thwarted. Nope! With five simple clicks, all four legs were in place and the seat was in an upright position and, two clicks later, Charlie was happily sitting next to me in the kitchen while I did the washing up!

It's that simple to assemble/disassemble/fold flat (it's only 25cm wide when folded flat!) that the hubs even popped it in the car when he took Charlie to his first full day of cricket last week!

Now, Charlie can’t sit up unaided yet; he’s at that stage where he can pull himself up into a sitting position and hold himself upright for a few moments before his über-flexible baby torso leaves him face down, so I hadn’t really started looking at highchairs. I’d looked at those seats that help babies sit up (I thought they were quite expensive given how little use he would get out of one), but I hadn’t considered for a moment that there was a highchair on the market that would actually help him sit up!
In true style, the Babybjörn highchair does just that. It’s such a simple design idea that I can’t believe other companies haven’t thought of it too. The back of the seat curves behind your little one’s back and is just high enough to give them some additional support, while the tray curves around their stomach.

Now, for those of you thinking that is all well and good for now, but what about in the future, the tray has an adjustable depth to give your little one more room as they grow so they can enjoy it from 6 months to 3 years.

And there’s no clipping and unclipping of the tray to get them out: you simply push and turn the dial under the tray. It has a safety mechanism meaning that there’s no chance of an older sibling successfully fiddling with the button when you’re not looking.
The food tray clips on and off and is dishwasher safe, so you can feed them straight off it if you wish, and you can use the black tray while it's being washed.

Any regular readers will already know I’m a massive Babybjörn fan, but you also know that I only write about products we love, so it just goes to show that they’re a great company. The hubs is a huge fan and he’s a pretty tough customer but, as he says, “their designs just make sense and they make life simpler”. 

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