Monday, 6 July 2015

The Gro-Hush Baby Calmer

Our little boy has never been much of a crier (crosses fingers). He's a rather chilled little character and, although I'd love to claim we've found a magic formula, I'm sure it's fluke and that we probably won't be so lucky next time!

If you're a regular reader, however, you will already know that he's entered the teething phase. For the last month he's been dribbling and chewing away but, this week, the pain of those pesky teeth pushing at his gums has kicked in and he's been feeling particularly distraught.
As I was pacing the room with him shushing in his ear on Monday, I suddenly remembered a product that I had yet to use. So, balancing baby on one shoulder I had a rummage in 'the tardis' and found what I was looking for: the Go-Hush Baby Calmer.

We're no strangers to The Gro Company's products, having used the Gro Egg from day one but, although that gave me high expectations, our bubba was so distressed that I wasn't sure the Gro-Hush could do much to help.
How wrong was I?! Never underestimate the power of white noise! With three calming settings (heartbeat to mimic being in the womb, rain on a tin roof, and waves) our little one was soothed into a peaceful sleep within 5 minutes! And that's not a one-off either: he's had plenty of tears this week, fighting sleep, waking up in the night with the pain (he's slept through since he was around 3 months, so that was a shock!) that I've relied on the Gro-Hush a lot and have even taken it out with me in its handy little travel case. I know they say that eventually babies will cry themselves to sleep, but its so much nice knowing it's a peaceful one and that you've been able to ease their stress (plus head ache pills can get expensive, as can neighbourly noise disputes!).

It's so simple to use: the elastic strap sits comfortably over your hand so you can cradle the Gro-Hush against your baby's head and, even with all their wriggling/thrashing the elastic is strong enough to hold it in place over your hand. The buttons are placed conveniently under your fingers so that, if your little one hasn't been lulled to sleep in the 10 minutes it runs for, you can easily press them again. To turn it on and off, you simply hold down one of the buttons for a few seconds until all the lights turn on or off (make sure you do though as you won't want the AAA batteries to run out on you unexpectedly!).

On a hygiene level, the case keeps it clean even if it's at the bottom of your handbag/nappy bag, while the cushioned mitt is machine washable.
I've always said that I will only write about products that we use and value, so up until now our calm little boy hasn't given me the opportunity to review this but I can honestly say it's a life saver; whether you have a distressed baby from day one who needs something to get them off to sleep, or you're exhausted from all the shushing, or even if you haven't got much of a crier normally but teething or illness is setting them off, this is a great product. We're flying to the south coast of France next month and I'll definitely be packing this in my hand luggage!

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